We know that you are trusting us to be vigilant in our food safety practices. We will continue to deliver great food and coffee to you, ready for you to enjoy with confidence.


We are taking the Coronavirus COVID-19 very seriously. Fortunately, we already diligently follow Food Safety Laws which go a long way in ensuring that we produce food in a clean and safe way. As we do everyday, we are making sure that all of our standard operating procedures regarding sanitation are being strictly upheld and followed. 

In addition, we are carefully following the guidelines and directives from the MPI and food industry experts. We have heightened our protocol on all sanitation efforts, and will have ongoing education with our staff on the preventative measures being continuously updated by the MPI regarding food, food handling and safety.


  • Clean and sanitize thoroughly throughout the entire Cafe.
  • Reinforce heightened protocol on all of our sanitation efforts.
  • Educate our staff members on prevention, as provided by the MPI.
  • Maintain strict hand washing guidelines.
  • Ensure that staff members adhere to our sick leave policies, requiring staff to stay home if they do not feel well.


  • All of our team have gone through the process required to ensure we can open and all records have been kept. 
  • All Orders are to be either completed on our web page, over the phone or sent via our text line.  These orders must be placed in advance, so that either click & collect or delivery can take place.  If you have any questions about any of the ways to order or pay, please do not hesitate to call us on 063049645 or email us on
  • Our Team will all be social distancing and protecting their bubble while at work at The Offering, so please do not be offended if we do not linger for a chat.  Gathering of people is also not permitted.
  • You will find a hand sanitizer on one the front pillars outside the cafe so you can sanitize your hands before pick up. This is one of five hand sanitizer units we have in the cafe.
  • We have created a flow for you to pick up your orders to limit the risk of breaking social distancing.  You will enter from the southern entrance of our court yard (beside the Greytown Butchery), hand sanitize, then pick up your goods, then exit the north end of the court yard. 
  • When we are delivering to you, we will ensure that your orders have been transported to you in the most safe and at the highest standard possible. Our delivery driver will place your order at the door step and then knock on the door. They will then move back and ensure that you get your order.  Please remember no hugging - practice social distancing at all times!